Meet Erin

Allow me to introduce myself:

My name is Erin and I’m an attorney in New York.  I work in a small office on Long Island, where we mostly focus on consulting in the area of legal fee disputes. I’m a University of Vermont alum, where I studied political science and anthropology undergrad, and I completed my J.D. at Brooklyn Law where I focused on Intellectual Property, Media, and Information law.

I’m a huge lover of food and wine (seriously, all of it, everything, put it in front of me and I will consume it) so I love trying new recipes and restaurants. I’m interested in all things beautiful which includes art and design, travel destinations, incredible real estate, anything hand made, and the great outdoors. Oh, and music! Love love music, love seeing shows, hearing new artists, and being moved by something new. I’m always open to recommendations.

I’m married to my best friend, Josh, who is an assistant producer at a post-production house in NYC. (That’s industry speak for “he works on TV commercials.”) We met during our junior year at the UVM.  For a complete story of how we met, you can read about it here.  From September 7, 2007 on, we’ve pretty much been inseparable.


In October of 2011, we traveled back to Vermont to get married.


But that’s not the whole story… our lives wouldn’t be nearly complete without our daughter, Dimona.  When we got her, she looked a lot like this:5692_577113976870_6902025_35171817_8113178_n

But now, she’s big and beautiful!


Our lives revolve around her, but we’ve become a much stronger couple since we welcomed her into our lives almost four years ago. She made our little family complete!

This blog is where I come to share my inspirations and favorite things, so stop and take a moment to look around 🙂

One thought on “Meet Erin

  1. Well you’ve hooked me!! The furry love of my life plus me and my husband’s bed partner is our wonderful and beautiful white with green eyes pitbull.

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