It’s My Birthday!!!

Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me! (Yes, I’m singing to myself!)  I’m also celebrating the birth of my blog, officially one year old tomorrow! I’m so excited! As in, Jessie Spano excited that one episode of Saved By the Bell when she gets addicted to Caffeine Pills.  You know the one – “I’m so excited! I’m so excited! I’m so… so… scared.”  OK, I’m not really scared, but I am a little scared.  I’m officially on the wrong side of 25 with just a hop, skip and a jump to 30.  Wow!


As I turn the page to the age of 26, I’d love to take a moment to reflect on where I am and all that happened this past year.  So here it is, the “Top 25 of 25” – including the good, the bad, the ugly, and the absolutely amazing:

  1. I graduated law school. BOOM.
  2. I passed the bar exam. DOUBLE BOOM.
  3. I got to see some incredible music, including but not limited to: Adele, Steely Dan, Toro Y Moi, The Mountain Goats, Phish, Animal Collective, and Bon Iver.
  4. I had a double breast lumpectomy, and the biopsy for both was clean.  I am a very lucky girl.
  5. We lost my grandfather in June.  He was an amazing man who led an incredible life and will be missed very much.
  6. There were other graduations to be celebrated – most notably my brother from Hunter College (who is now getting his Masters at Columbia), my brother-in-law from the CIA (who now works at Colicchio and Sons as a chef), and my dear friends who graduated from Columbia’s Master of Social Work program and inspire me with their endless pursuit of helping others.
  7. My step mother Emily with the help of some dear friends threw me the most gorgeous bridal shower in history!
  8. My friends and sister threw me an awesome Bachelorette party, complete with a party bus through NYC, naked blow-up dolls, and penis accessories (as required!).  A night I’ll never truly remember, nor will ever forget!
  9. My cousin Lauren had a baby girl, who is both beautiful and healthy! Our family is blessed with one amazing child after another!
  10. My father started a new business dedicated to curing opiate addiction through medically-assisted detox.  Not only is the business thriving, but he’s doing something he’s passionate about.  I couldn’t be more proud.
  11. There were new pet additions to the family – 2 pugs on my dad’s side, and a new yorkie for my mother.  Yep, we’re dog people. Maybe 26 will be the year when Dimona gets a brother or sister 😉
  12. I got to read A LOT.  Thank you, unemployment. On a related note, I got a Nook! (Shallow, but it has been life changing!)
  13. Oh hey, I GOT A JOB! My career as an esquire is just beginning…
  14. I think I got married?
  15. But seriously, Josh and I had the most amazing reunion with all of our friends and family for an entire magical weekend – the memories of which bring us infinite amounts of joy every day!
  16. THE HONEYMOON aka “Sussmans Do Sonoma.” My heart is in California.
  17. This little blog here, started the day after my birthday last year.  I could never have imagined the happiness and comfort this blog could give back to me, the connections I’ve made and the support that you all have shown me.  I’m so happy I did this!
  18. The New York Giants won the Superbowl!
  19. The day I found my wedding dress!!! (last wedding one, I swear)
  20. I went on a fabulous girls’ trip to Cancun in February with my step mom and two of my sisters.  It was a wonderful bonding (and tanning) experience!
  21. Josh and I left our teensy tiny little studio apartment in Brooklyn to stretch our legs in the suburbs for a bit.  We think Queens might be calling our name in the near future.
  22. I hit and knocked down a piñata last weekend with some pretty amazing friends cheering me on, proving you can be young at heart forever!
  23. Are you bored yet?
  24. I got more dog-slobbery kisses than a girl can count!
  25. I lived, and loved, each and every single day of this entire past year, and thank God for all of my family and friends who have joined me for the ride!

So what will 26 bring? Well, I know today will include birthday sex and cake (kids don’t read this blog, right?), so I’m already starting this year off with two of the best things in life! Wishing you all a happy hump day – no pun intended!  xoxo

Betrayal of Books


For the longest time, Josh and I have looked somewhat condescendingly on those who use Kindles, Nooks and iPads as readers.  “We’re book people”, we like to tell ourselves.  We like collecting books, and having a full bookshelf.  Something about being able to look upon all the books we’ve read over the years and enjoyed, having books to lend to others, and knowing that we could pick up a book and reread it at any time (even though we never will) has served some self-satisfying function in our lives.

It’s more than just some pretentious material ownership, however.  There is something comforting about holding a book in your hands, physically turning the pages, and having a representation of how far you’ve come as you place your bookmark further and further along in the story.  There’s that familiar ritual to it, that feeling I had when I first sat on my mother’s lap and helped her turn large paper pages, eager to see what awaited me on the very next page.  Then there’s the excitement of going to the bookstore, browsing all the cover art and beautifully scripted titles, becoming familiar with an author’s similar look and style, and even just the smell of the bookstore provokes a sense of longing in me!

So why am I rambling on and on and probably boring you to tears at this point about how amazing books are? Because I am on the verge of betraying them, and everything I thought I stood for in the realm of ink printed pages bound with glue.  Forgive me father, for I have sinned. I desperately want a tablet reader.

Ok, so it’s time to join the 21st century. Fine, easy. I’ve done this in almost every other aspect of my life – I pay bills and write letters online, I get my movies downloaded instantly to my TV through Netflix, I use iTunes and an iPod instead of making or purchasing CDs, and my pictures go directly from my phone or camera to a computer file.  Nothing in my life is tangible anymore.  I don’t touch, feel, and hold anything else, so why does it seem so much harder for me to get on board with digital books?

I guess the truth of the matter is, if I only read at home, in the comfort of my living room or in bed at night, I’d stick with books forever.  But alas, I’m in NYC, and my “reading time” usually involves a packed subway car of sweaty, smelly people, with elbows in my face and baby carriages running over my feet.  If I’m lucky, I can find a way to get one of my hands near a pole to hold onto, otherwise I’m stuck in the middle of the train in no-man’s land, trying to use all the core strength I have from yoga to keep from falling on the group of teenagers shouting at each other in front of me, or the guy with some sort of weird skin disease behind me.  And this is on a good day.

Large paper books, sadly, are just no longer practical in my life.  I’m currently reading “A Clash of Kings”, sequel to “Game of Thrones”, and it is even longer than it’s predecessor (btw, it’s an AMAZING series, get on it!).  Trying to pull out a 1000+ page book in a crowded subway invokes a similar reaction from those around me as this woman trying to eat spaghetti on a crowded subway. All jokes aside, unless you have an actual seat on the subway, it’s almost impossible to hold a giant book open.  As of late, I’ve been avoiding bringing books with me at all, which I believe is an even worse travesty than going digital.  Those who have reader tablets seem to do just fine, holding a light and small gadget in one hand while holding on with the other.  It’s time…

So here I am, eager to get a tablet reader, but not sure which one is best.  I don’t want or need an iPad, and besides, I’ve heard they aren’t really great for reading outside anyway.  Seeing as it’s summer and all, poolside/beach reading is a must! So who out there has a tablet reader?  It seems like everyone has a Kindle, but I’ve been doing some research and it seems like the Barnes & Noble Nooks are pretty cool.  They don’t have a keypad but instead a touch screen, which means a bigger screen for reading.  Here’s the two Nook options below:

Anyway, I’m really curious about what you all think.  If you have a tablet reader and you love it, let me know.  Let me know if you hate the one you have too!



It’s time for the soft spot in my heart reserved only for bound paper pages to make a little bit of room for a new gadget.  I just need to keep reminding myself that I’m saving trees.  Maybe that will help me sleep at night.