We’ll Always Remember

Today, I am sure we are all taking a moment to reflect. To think about how quickly the last 12 years have passed, and how the passing of time has done little to ease our pain. To think about the victims, the survivors, and the heroes. To think about how even if just for this one day, 9/11 unites our entire nation in spirit and hope.


Today, we can honor those we lost by building a nation worthy of their memories.”  -President Obama

An Open Letter to Vogue Magazine

Dear Vogue (Editors, Writers, Photographers, and all others involved with the March Issue),

I was more than just a little excited when I heard that Adele would be gracing the cover of your magazine.  To me, Adele exemplifies true beauty, class, and grace.  Her features are stunning, her eyes piercing, and her curves are what men dream of.  I knew she would be perfect for the cover, and would break the typical mold set by most Vogue cover models.

When I finally laid my eyes upon her cover and photos inside, I was in shock and dismay.  Who was this size 2 woman with hollow cheeks?  Yes, she still had a large chest, but her breasts looked ridiculous weighing heavily over a 25″ waist.  Her jaw line was narrowed, her cheek bones accentuated, and even her arms looked rail thin.  I expected to see Vogue take Adele’s natural beauty and create one of the most gorgeous covers ever.  Instead, when viewing the revealed photos online I saw just another model.  Thankfully, I can read the article online, because I will not be purchasing this issue after all. My money will not contribute to another photoshop tragedy.

I need to know why.  Why would you ask Adele to be on the cover and choose to feature page after page of her picture if you did not actually like her image?  If you wanted another size 2, then you should have just asked any one of the many girls who graced the runway at NY Fashion week.  Adele is a woman to be celebrated and appreciated, not someone you reduce to an image you choose to portray.  Why was she not good enough for you as is?

Who exactly did you think you were kidding? We all know what Adele really looks like.  She’s stood in front of millions of viewers and performed, her voice unwavering, totally sure of herself and who she is.  Her weight has absolutely never been an issue when it comes to selling records, so why did you make it an issue to sell your magazine?

Of course, your legal team must have told you that this is a hot button issue in the United States. There is a bill on the table in Arizona that addresses airbrushed images in the media, and Congress is only a step behind.  Although laws against airbrushing may be extreme, there is an important discussion to be had.  No, you aren’t the only magazine guilty of using photoshop, but you certainly are among the top of the list of culprits by focusing on “high fashion” which notoriously emphasizes bone-thin, shapeless women.

Let me be clear.  When you feature one of these shapeless, almost ill-looking women on your cover, I am not bothered.  I know the game, I understand the concept of airbrushing, and I accept that is what the fashion industry’s idea of beautiful is.  But when you change a phenomenal young woman whose talent knows no bounds and has absolutely no nexus to how she looks (although, let me emphasize again that she is the epitome of beautiful) you cross a line that just shouldn’t be crossed.  It’s one thing to glorify über-skinny women, but it’s another thing altogether to use computer programming to take a woman with naturally beautiful curves and make her into something she’s not.  Have you no shame? Did you think no one would notice or care? That this wouldn’t be hurtful and damaging?

You are VOGUE.  You could have taken the curves that God gave her and played them up fabulously, making her look more beautiful than ever.  Instead, you chose to eliminate them, leaving only the boobs and a bobble head that faintly resembles the 23 year old I so greatly admire and respect.  She’s comfortable with her weight and has stated so time and time again.  Why can’t you be comfortable as well?

Adele is a real woman, but you turned her into Barbie. Shame on you.


Just Another Girl With Curves

Weekly Recap: Welcome February!

 Artwork by Amy Sol: We Found Ourselves Being Dreamt

Happy Saturday everyone!  I did a weekend web recap a couple weeks ago and it seemed like everyone liked it (lots of the links were clicked) so I thought I’d do another.  Maybe this will end up being a weekly or bi-weekly feature!

I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend, and have a fun Superbowl Sunday tomorrow! I have some fun new makeover and  DIY projects coming up next week that I can’t wait to share with you all. xo

Saturday Snowday

 Source: Eli Halpin Oil Paintings

Happy Saturday everyone!  I hope that none of you need to travel on this calm and lovely snowy morning and can just relax, read a book, crawl back in bed, and be with your loved ones. I’m currently cuddled under blankets with dogs curled up asleep all around me, and enjoying catching up on reading my favorite blogs and surfing the wonderful web.  Here are a few things that I’m loving this morning:

I can’t stop watching Shit New Yorkers Say.

The number one reason I can’t wait for spring.

Possible afternoon baking project?

I love walking past this building, and this collection of photos is stunning.

Perfectly sums up my marriage: Valentine’s Day gift for my man?

A must-have phone app.

Lusting after this necklace.  It’s the perfect mix of rustic and feminine.

Healthy weeknight dinner idea.

Amazing small space makeover.

She might be the coolest. bride. ever.

Scariest thing I saw this week!

Proof that voices raised in unison can have an impact.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, xo.