My Best Friend’s Wedding

This past weekend I was lucky enough to be included in one of my dearest childhood friend’s weddings as a bridesmaid. ¬†Here are a few pics of us ladies getting ready, and a shot from later in the evening with my handsome hubby ūüôā ¬†Sorry for the poor picture quality – all were taken on my cell phone.¬†ImageImage




It’s My Birthday!!!

Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me! (Yes, I’m singing to myself!) ¬†I’m also celebrating the birth of my blog, officially one year old tomorrow! I’m so excited! As in, Jessie Spano excited that one episode of Saved By the Bell when she gets addicted to Caffeine Pills. ¬†You know the one – “I’m so excited! I’m so excited! I’m so… so… scared.” ¬†OK, I’m not¬†really scared, but I am a little scared. ¬†I’m officially on the wrong side of 25 with just a hop, skip and a jump to 30. ¬†Wow!


As I turn the page to the age of 26, I’d love to take a moment to reflect on where I am and all that happened this past year. ¬†So here it is, the “Top 25 of 25” – including the good, the bad, the ugly, and the absolutely amazing:

  1. I graduated law school. BOOM.
  2. I passed the bar exam. DOUBLE BOOM.
  3. I got to see some incredible music, including but not limited to: Adele, Steely Dan, Toro Y Moi, The Mountain Goats, Phish, Animal Collective, and Bon Iver.
  4. I had a double breast lumpectomy, and the biopsy for both was clean.  I am a very lucky girl.
  5. We lost my grandfather in June.  He was an amazing man who led an incredible life and will be missed very much.
  6. There were other graduations to be celebrated – most notably my brother from Hunter College (who is now getting his Masters at Columbia), my brother-in-law from the CIA (who now works at Colicchio and Sons as a chef), and my dear friends who graduated from Columbia’s Master of Social Work program and inspire me with their endless pursuit of helping others.
  7. My step mother Emily with the help of some dear friends threw me the most gorgeous bridal shower in history!
  8. My friends and sister threw me an awesome Bachelorette party, complete with a party bus through NYC, naked blow-up dolls, and penis accessories (as required!). ¬†A night I’ll never truly remember, nor will ever forget!
  9. My cousin Lauren had a baby girl, who is both beautiful and healthy! Our family is blessed with one amazing child after another!
  10. My father started a new business dedicated to curing opiate addiction through medically-assisted detox. ¬†Not only is the business thriving, but he’s doing something he’s passionate about. ¬†I couldn’t be more proud.
  11. There were new pet additions to the family – 2 pugs on my dad’s side, and a new yorkie for my mother. ¬†Yep, we’re dog people. Maybe 26 will be the year when Dimona gets a brother or sister ūüėČ
  12. I got to read A LOT.  Thank you, unemployment. On a related note, I got a Nook! (Shallow, but it has been life changing!)
  13. Oh hey, I GOT A JOB! My career as an esquire is just beginning…
  14. I think I got married?
  15. But seriously, Josh and I had the most amazing reunion with all of our friends and family for an entire magical weekend – the memories of which bring us infinite amounts of joy every day!
  16. THE HONEYMOON aka “Sussmans Do Sonoma.” My heart is in California.
  17. This little blog here, started the day after my birthday last year. ¬†I could never have imagined the happiness and comfort this blog could give back to me, the connections I’ve made and the support that you all have shown me. ¬†I’m so happy I did this!
  18. The New York Giants won the Superbowl!
  19. The day I found my wedding dress!!! (last wedding one, I swear)
  20. I went on a fabulous girls’ trip to Cancun in February with my step mom and two of my sisters. ¬†It was a wonderful bonding (and tanning) experience!
  21. Josh and I left our teensy tiny little studio apartment in Brooklyn to stretch our legs in the suburbs for a bit.  We think Queens might be calling our name in the near future.
  22. I hit and knocked down a pi√Īata last weekend with some pretty amazing friends cheering me on, proving you can be young at heart forever!
  23. Are you bored yet?
  24. I got more dog-slobbery kisses than a girl can count!
  25. I lived, and loved, each and every single day of this entire past year, and thank God for all of my family and friends who have joined me for the ride!

So what will 26 bring? Well, I know today will include birthday sex and cake (kids don’t read this blog, right?), so I’m already starting this year off with two of the best things in life! Wishing you all a happy hump day – no pun intended! ¬†xoxo

Wedding Wednesday: Let Love Grow

Happy hump day every lovely body! ¬†I’m actually writing this on Tuesday night (see my list of blog resolutions) since it is now impossible for me to actually write in the mornings, but it’s fun to pretend I’m already halfway through the week in blogland!

As most of you know, almost 6 months ago now Josh and I tied the knot. ¬†I spent a lot of time trying to decide on what our wedding favor would be. ¬†I didn’t want something traditional and cheesy (hopefully I’m not offending any of my readers) like a shot glass, candle, or picture frame. ¬†I had thought about giving away VT jams from a local farm, but it was too pricy for our budget to order one for each guest. My friend Tim suggested an amazing idea – give away flower bulbs that are planted during the fall so that our guests will have a beautiful reminder of our wedding come spring. ¬†Jackpot!

Gift Bags Filled with Bulbs!

I was hoping that our guests would enjoy the idea, and be able to reflect fondly back on the special weekend we shared. ¬†What I didn’t expect was that Josh and I would get to share in the fun come spring. ¬†One of Josh’s groomsmen, Charlie, lives in BK and couldn’t plant the flowers there, but instead gave the bulbs to his parents to plant. ¬†They’ve been kind enough to email us pictures of the bulbs coming up over the past couple weeks, and the “live flower blog” has been such a cheery surprise in my mailbox!

Seeing as how today yesterday was the first day of spring, these flower pics are the perfect addition to celebrating the new season and a warm reminder of how love is all around us!

If you were a wedding guest and planted your bulbs, I’d love to see your pictures as well! ¬† Have a great rest of your hump day everyone! xo

Taking Care of Your Engagement & Wedding Rings

I haven’t done a Wedding Wednesday post in months seeing as my wedding has come and gone, but ring care is important for both brides and grooms well past the big day! I’ve had my engagement ring for about 18 months now and I’m happy to say it [almost] has the same shine and sparkle as it did on day 1. ¬†This is certainly not to say that it doesn’t get dirty or dingy looking, but I’ve acquired a few cleaning and preservation tips over time I’d love to share with you guys, and I hope to get your advice and tips back in the comments!

Our rings on our wedding day - probably the cleanest they'll ever be!

Get a Good Night’s Rest: When I first got engaged I never took my ring off. Ever. ¬†I loved looking down on it sparkling on my finger and slept with it on every night. But, then I wised up. ¬†After reading online about caring for your ring and learning from others’ experiences, I found that wearing your ring to bed is considered a big No-No, and for good reason. ¬†Sleeping with your ring on causes extra rubbing and pressure on your ring during the night as you roll over and turn; more direct contact than most of our rings get all day long. ¬†Heavy blankets and comforters can wear down your ring, loosen the stones and the prongs, and even dull the metal. ¬†It’s beneficial to give your ring a break at night and leave it off until morning, and sleeping sans ring will preserve it longer.

Don’t Forget to Brush: ¬†This little piece of advice I got from my mother, and swear by: ¬†at least 3 mornings a week, I take a little bit of toothpaste on a soft bristled tooth brush and gently brush the ring and diamonds to remove excess dirt, oil, and grime. Follow up by rinsing your ring under warm water. As my mom says, “What’s safe on your teeth is safe on your diamonds!” I honestly find toothpaste to make my ring shine more than the ring cleaning solution I got from my jeweler! A gentle dish soap also does the trick. ¬† (Note: be sure to use a Soft toothbrush – a firm one can wear down precious metals like gold and platinum)

Leave It to the Pros: At least once a year, bring your ring to a jeweler to have it professionally cleaned. ¬†For you brides-to-be out there, make sure to have your engagement ring professionally cleaned and polished right before your big day, so that it matches your never-been-worn wedding band for pictures. ¬†I remember being shocked when I saw the difference in shine between my brand new wedding band and the engagement ring I’d been wearing for a year before I got the engagement ring polished to match. ¬†You should also get your ring checked at least once a year (this can be done at the same appointment as your cleaning) for any loose prongs and stones.

Have Places for Safekeeping: ¬†It’s important to have ring dishes or other small and secure containers around your house in places where you take your ring off. For example, I have a cheap and sweet little ring dish from Urban Outfitters on my bedside table for when I take my ring off before bed, and there is another small glass dish in my kitchen for when I’m getting my hands dirty while cooking or washing dishes. ¬†For a more masculine option, Josh has a small wooden box he likes to keep his ring in at night on his bedside table. ¬†I’m actually in the market for a fun ring dish for my bathroom, because I’ve started taking my ring off while I apply lotion and hair products too so as not to get goop (goop is a real word, right?) in between the stones. ¬†Having safe places around will help prevent those horrible “my ring went down the drain/garbage disposal/toilet/dog’s throat” moments.

What are some of your ring care habits and tips? Do you ever take your ring off for any reason? I’d love to hear from you guys about how you take care of your most precious jewelry!

Have a happy hump day every lovely body, and a Happy Leap Day!!! xo